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Omnirobotic Secures $500K Investment to Enhance Robotics Offerings

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Omnirobotic Secures $500K Investment to Enhance Robotics Offerings

Omnirobotic, based in Laval, Quebec, has secured $500k in financing to advance its Autonomous Robotic Machines using its AutonomyOS platform. The investment aims to broaden its product offerings, addressing labor shortages in manufacturing with high-mix production needs.

In a strategic shift in 2023, Omnirobotic transitioned to a machine builder model, restructuring the company and focusing on selling robotics equipped with AutonomyOS. This pivot was supported by Investissement Québec and bolstered by additional funds from strategic investors, management, and employees.

“Building autonomous machines allows Omnirobotic to address the need for skilled labor at scale. This model has proven to be much more effective at deploying AutonomyOS™ at scale.

We sold in 6 months more machines than forecast for a year. Manufacturers want to buy proven solutions, not automation projects. Developing standard machines that they can try before they buy proved to be the right approach to getting SMEs to adopt new automation technology.”

Omnirobotic CEO and Founder, Francois Simard