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NobleAI Secures Over $10M in Series A Extension Funding

Insider Brief

  • NobleAI, specializing in AI solutions for chemical and material informatics, announces over $10M in Series A extension financing, led by new investor Sway Ventures and joined by Dorilton Ventures, with continued support from all original Series A investors.
  • The company’s Reactor platform integrates machine learning with scientific principles to facilitate faster in-silico discovery, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional R&D methods, and is recognized for aiding companies in speeding product development with an emphasis on health, safety, and sustainability.
  • NobleAI’s approach, termed Science-Based AI, leverages Specialized Science-Infused Models (SSMs) rather than relying on Large Language Models, aiming to streamline research cycles and enhance product development for companies, even those working with smaller or niche data sets.

PRESS RELEASE — SAN FRANCISCO/April 2, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —NobleAI, a pioneer in Science-Based AI solutions for Chemical and Material Informatics, today announced over $10M in Series A extension financing. New investor Sway Ventures led the round, joined by Dorilton Ventures. In a sign of continued commitment to NobleAI, the round included additional investments from all of NobleAI’s original Series A investors.

“NobleAI is at the forefront of exciting advances in AI for companies eager to speed product development while also improving the health, safety and sustainability of material and chemical ingredients,” said Ken Denman, General Partner, Sway Ventures. “They’ve already built an impressive track record with customers across the energy and consumer product sectors, and we’re excited to support their continued growth.”

“Breakthrough innovations in chemical and material science have historically been achieved only via costly iterative lab-based experimentation. NobleAI’s Reactor platform integrates machine learning with scientific laws and principles to accelerate in-silico discovery with Science-Based AI,” said Ignacio Salsas of Dorilton Capital. “NobleAI’s world-class team has built sophisticated products to satisfy global industrial leaders, empowering laboratory scientists to access powerful data science tools to quickly find the efficient frontier for experimentation. Dorilton Ventures is very excited to support NobleAI on the next stage of its journey.”

NobleAI is a pioneer of Science-Based AI, an approach that relies on Specialized Science-Infused Models (SSMs) as opposed to the Large Language Models powering Generative AI. By combining the power of AI with applicable scientific laws, NobleAI helps companies slash research cycle times and speed product development — even when they are starting with smaller private or industry-specific data sets.

“We can’t think of a greater sign of confidence in our work than Sway, Dorilton, and our full team of original investors joining together to support our mission,” said Sunil Sanghavi, CEO, NobleAI. “We are freeing companies from the time-consuming and costly limitations of traditional R&D and helping them get products to market faster, even in the face of resource constraints and increasing stakeholder expectations. This funding will accelerate our ability to help more companies take advantage of AI to develop new products.”

About NobleAI
NobleAI offers commercially-proven Science-Based AI solutions for Chemical and Material Informatics powered by its unique Science-Based AI (SBAI) technology. The company’s science-based ML models are developed rapidly, securely and specifically for each customer. Delivered via the cloud-based Reactor Platform, NobleAI’s SBAI technology delivers actionable insights to accelerate product development and reduce costs while improving product performance, sustainability, and reliability. NobleAI is supported by investments from world-class organizations such as Microsoft, Chevron and Syensqo, and the company’s solutions are already delivering real value in production deployments at leading chemical, material and energy companies around the globe.