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HappySignals Secures €12M for AI-Driven Expansion in Global IT Experience Management

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HappySignals Secures €12M for AI-Driven Expansion in Global IT Experience Management

HappySignals, an IT Experience Management firm, has raised €12M led by Mandatum Asset Management, along with Nauta and Vendep Capital. This investment will boost their global expansion in the IT Experience Management market.

The company, founded in 2014 by Finnish innovators Sami Kallio, Pasi Nikkanen, and Sami Aarnio, enhances organizational IT services by utilizing employee experience data and AI. This approach helps companies like PepsiCo, Fujitsu, and Reckitt optimize IT operations to improve business efficiency and employee satisfaction. By focusing on what truly benefits employees, HappySignals not only enhances productivity but also delivers significant business value.

Some words from those involved in the funding round:

“IT organization’s primary role is enhancing efficiency and satisfaction across the entire organization through effective IT support and tools. Historically, IT has concentrated on technical and process metrics, which essentially measure how IT functions rather than the value it creates or could potentially create.

In IT language, we are talking about moving away from SLAs (service level agreements) and starting to focus on XLAs (experience level agreements). IT should continue to measure the traditional metrics, but the three pillars of IT — People, Process, and Tech — should always be considered in that order. This is where we help IT organizations gather and analyze employee experience data to make better decisions.”

— Sami Kallio, the CEO and co-founder of HappySignals

“We are thrilled to have led the funding round in HappySignals, which will enable a further acceleration of their international growth journey. With its human-centric approach, we believe that HappySignals has found a solution to a problem that has not been solved in the market before. Indeed, their blue-chip customers are a true testimony to the quality of their approach and solution. The investment in HappySignals is an excellent addition to our second vintage growth equity fund. We are excited to partner with the founders, management and other owners to accelerate the growth of the company’s already significant international operations.”

 — Rami Salonen, Investment Manager, Mandatum Asset Management