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Amsterdam-based, a UvA Spin-off, Secures €300K to Advance AI-driven Audio Insight Extraction

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Amsterdam-based, a UvA Spin-off, Secures €300K to Advance AI-driven Audio Insight Extraction

Amsterdam-based, a UvA spin-off, announced on Thursday, July 4, that it has secured €300K from Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland to advance its AI-driven subscription service. As online conversations like podcasts and webinars become vital information sources for analysts, researchers, and business decision-makers, addresses the challenge of extracting essential insights from vast amounts of audio data using cutting-edge generative AI.

Co-founded by Paul Groth and Pim Stouten in 2023, develops a platform that compresses audio into searchable and combinable insights, simplifying the task for professionals. Pim Stouten highlighted the growing need for being well-informed about markets, companies, and relevant topics, which aims to fulfill by making analysts’ and researchers’ work more manageable.

The Innovation Fund North Holland, an initiative supported by the Province of North Holland, the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, and Sanquin, provides financing for innovation through convertible loans. This funding will support in its mission to harness AI for extracting valuable insights from audio data. integrates a unique technology pipeline with curated sources and AI-generated data, delivering essential insights to its customers, thereby advancing the capabilities of generative AI in the information analysis sector.

Words from those involved in the funding round:

“Being fully informed about the markets, companies, and topics relevant to you is a growing challenge. By compressing audio such as podcasts and webinars into searchable and combinable insights, makes the life of analysts and researchers a lot easier.”

Pim Stouten, Co-Founder of

“Great to support a strong team consisting of heavyweights in AI and B2B data in the development of software to extract from huge amounts of unstructured data just that interesting crucial information to see trends, not miss anything and be able to get ahead of the competition.”

Ludolf Stavenga, fund manager of Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland

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